Hiring an Electrician: How To Tips

Thanks to Michael Stone at Markup and Profit for this detailed description on hiring contractors.
This is our philosophy at Quality Service! A trustworthy, knowledgeable, qualified, licensed electrical contractor knows their costs and can project a reasonable timeline, too.

Consider the conclusion of this great article:

“Price should not be the top priority when choosing a contractor; if it is, you won’t be dealing with the best contractors. Keep in mind that many of the contractor horror stories involve a contractor who disappears during a project. Other horror stories involve contractors who cut corners. The reason they disappear or cut corners is because they are broke and can’t pay their bills. The reason they are broke is because they aren’t charging enough for their work. In some cases, they needed your job to pay off bills from old jobs. That’s the risk you take when you hire a contractor with a focus on price.

For many homeowners, your home is your largest single investment. Hire a responsible, professional contractor you can trust, not a cheap one. They’ll protect your investment and you’ll sleep better.

Well said, Mr. Stone.

Read the full article here: http://www.markupandprofit.com/newsletter/hiring-contractor-advice

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