Why Electrical Contractors Supply Their Own Material

While cost savings is always a consideration on any project, there is one aspect a good electrical contractor will not view as a cost savings: having the customer supply the materials.

On the surface, for the customer, it might make sense to purchase materials to save time and supplies, right?

Wrong. (Usually, anyway.)


Even the most observant customer can minimize or miss a problem that ends up costing time in both in the labor as well as trips to a parts supply house for additional materials.

Any reputable electrical contractor will have knowledge of the work involved in doing a job. This includes materials. A solid electrical contractor will also have established relationships with supply houses and be able to quickly order and pick up the items needed to successfully complete a job.

The main focus, then, should be on hiring a trustworthy, licensed electrical contractor, rather than on just one minor aspect of the job, like the materials.

In a completely different market like dentistry, the patient is not expected to maintain an ongoing knowledge of dental supplies and innovations. They aren’t expected to source and show up with materials. No one goes to a dentist appointment with dental tools and equipment. The expert in the field is expected to provide these services. Just as a patient is not expected to show up with the crown they’ve picked for a broken tooth, a customer isn’t expected to supply tools, parts, or materials on an electrical job.

In the field of electrical contracting, you have lots of choices. A licensed electrical contractor will present you with viable options to suit your needs without purchasing unnecessary items or creating additional, unnecessary work. Oftentimes, they can offer a much wider scope of choices that the big box warehouse found in every sizable town.

Find a respectable contractor who knows their field and has experience. Develop and maintain a relationship with the contractor and enjoy the rewards of confidently handing your projects to a skilled tradesman who can keep your bottom line a priority with the least amount of headache and cost.

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